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“I am impressed with Joe’s dedication to the company, his colleagues, and his clients. Joe has steadfastly done whatever was necessary to make matters better for those around him. His readiness to embrace new technology and change has been a key component to his success. We rely on Joe as he has always been ready, willing, and able to respond to the demands of a hectic and sometimes unpredictable schedule.”

“Joe has a wealth of knowledge from his extensive business and coaching experience. Joe has been and continues to be very generous in sharing his time, knowledge and resources. He was particularly helpful to me, sharing his tips, tools and techniques for working with clients. What I appreciate most about Joe is his incredible sense of humor that is a gift to both our clients and those of us who work with him.”

“Joe Ryan spends his day helping clients navigate the choppiness of career transition, and then routinely turns around and does the same thing after hours as a volunteer in varied settings. I’ve worked with him in both situations and am amazed at his capacity to assist others. He has an incredible breadth of personal experience and understands how organizations work. And he shares that knowledge in a quiet, unassuming way. Joe is like a gift that keeps on giving, and is a prime example of a person who lives their calling.”

“Joe has been spot on with his coaching, I recommend him to anyone who needs direction or that little shove in the Right direction!”

“Joe’s extensive experience across several sectors and industries gives him an enviable perspective as a career consultant. He has coached CEO’s to Sales, IT and Administrative professionals. He takes the time to get to really know his clients, thereby customizing services and coaching to exactly their needs.”

“Joe has been doing career coaching for many years at all levels of an organization. He is thoughtful in his approach, has lots of resources at his fingertips and is always willing to share. He was very helpful to me as I got back into the career coaching role and has been generous and patient in working with me.”

“Joe was a delight with whom to work. He is bright, fun and diligent. He is a great coach and has a great deal of credibility.”

“Joe works tirelessly to meet the needs of his clients. Through his coaching, he has helped many learn how to network, negotiate higher salaries and land jobs. Those of us who work with Joe benefit from his career management expertise and enjoy his upbeat outlook when handling all situations. He is a joy to work with.”

“Joe is the volunteer leader of a Job Support group I joined. He unfailingly held “classes,” providing sound, timely and relevant advice on all aspects of job search and transition. He helped guide me through a job negotiation and I am very happy at my new job.”

“Joe contributes his time weekly to facilitate a “Job Seekers” group. He applies the skills and experiences directly to those needing it the most, pro bono. He offers his insight into handling particular problems, insight which often contributes to their successful job search. He is extremely well respected and is the “constant” in an otherwise transitional group.”

“This is one of the most significant volunteer professional services offered to participants. Joe provides excellent service, information, and support in a non-threatening environment to all who attend, where there is a relaxed, easy flow of information, ideas, and support. I have attended such groups in other settings, and this is by far the best of all.”

“I’ve found the workshops very helpful for focusing my job hunt. I’m very impressed by the amount of time and preparation Joe Ryan  puts into this volunteer effort. ”

“Quite simply put, Joe Ryan and his Job Seekers Seminars have changed my life. Being of a certain age, having been out of the job market for some years, and with a bad case of writer’s block, I  found Joe and his job seekers armed with patient help, frank advice, and compassion.”

“I am very grateful to Joe  for creating a space where people in transition points in their lives can meet and accompany each other.  Knowing I was not alone made an enormous difference in my job search.  I started thinking in much larger terms following each of our sessions.  After a couple of sessions and Joe’s gentle prodding I saw there was so much more I could do to give back for all that I have received.  I am now gainfully employed  developing an Institute for Women.  I know this would not have happened were it not for my involvement in Job Seekers.”

“The class atmosphere is relaxed, everyone is treated equally – no problem too small.  The classes are well-organized and informative.    Handouts are very targeted and helpful. Joe is a gold mine of information and shares it so readily.”

“After my first experiences with the  Job Seekers Group I came home and felt like everything would be alright. I knew that I now had the help I needed. It was a feeling of strength and, at the same time, a feeling of relief that I would be OK. I had been to an Executive Outplacement group in DC that my former company paid for. Joe’s Job Seekers Group is head and shoulders above the paid outplacement group. The difference is clearly Joe Ryan, his skills, his values and his empathy.”

“As you search for the right position, you know  that you are not alone. The sense of community that the group provides is very special. Joe  is universally admired and valued by the group members. We marvel at his dedication and are grateful for his sage wisdom. His experience leads us all in the right direction.”

“Joe is a really great leader, very supportive and knowledgeable, very patient. The group is an amazing collection of Washingtonians in different stages on their career paths sharing ideas with each other. There is a lot of solidarity in the group. It’s wonderful to have a place where you can talk to other people going through what you are going through.”